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After This

It's time to walk in your kingdom assignment!

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Sample Chapter


Many have been “called and assigned” by God to do a specific work in the Kingdom. As one who has been called and equipped by the Lord for a God-ordained purpose, I know firsthand how God will use the circumstances of your life (whether good or bad) to prepare you for your “Kingdom assignment.” Much like any secular school designed to prepare and qualify you to work in a specific area of vocational expertise, the same is true in the “God School of Preparation,” as He equips you for your specific Kingdom assignment. Your individual lesson plan can include some very difficult lessons to learn, some tests and trials, some long nights of preparation, and perhaps even thoughts of throwing in the towel, before being approved and positioned by God as a vessel “fit” and ready for the Master’s use.


You will understand:


  • There is a process of preparation we must embrace to be ready for our "Kingdom Assignment."

  • God can and will use the circumstances of our lives (good or bad) as growth and development tools in preparation of our "Kingdom Assignment."


  • The importance of your role as a supporter to those going through a night season of preparation.


  • There is a reward for your suffering, test, and trials, "after this."


 The theme scripture for this book is I Peter 5:10 Amp:


"After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace [who imparts His blessing and favor], who called you to His own eternal glory in Christ, will Himself complete, confirm, strengthen, and establish you [making you what you ought to be]."



This book was written as a means to give hope, understanding, and encouragement to those who are currently going through or coming out of a night season in “God's school of preparation." It is Dr. Madelyne Douglas's hope that every called vessel will realize the lessons were never meant to destroy you, but rather to prepare you, and though weeping may endure for a “night season,” if you can hold out until the morning, God’s appointed time for breakthrough, joy, and blessings await you!





Dr. Madelyne Douglas has been an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, since 1974. She received her Doctorate Degree in Theology from Faith Bible College in 2003. “Dr. D.” as she is fondly known by many, has been a Keynote Speaker and Motivational Facilitator at many revivals, women’s retreats, youth programs, educational workshops, and community outreach programs. Dr. D is currently an instructor at Faith Bible College, teaching Crisis Counseling I and II, and is a member of the college “Advisory Board.” And she is an Associate Pastor at the Victory Temple Christian Life Center, under the Leadership of Bishop Keith and Pastor Latonya Tribitt.

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